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Real Estate Agent in Mooresville, NC, specializing in the Lake Norman area. I can help you with personal real estate, commercial real estate, vacation rentals, and rentals to live in! I also can do a Comparative Market Analysis to see how your home stacks up against others in the same price-range and area! Call me at 704-625-6260! #BuyWithBelindaH I have 3 grown children-two are married, and I have 3 grandsons!

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Finding the Right Home for you!

If you’re a first time home buyer, the stress of choosing the perfect house for your family can feel overwhelming at first. While that stress may seem very real, it is often unnecessary.

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Deciding to buy a fixer-upper

If you are a fan of HGTV, you have probably seen your fair share of fixer-uppers. TV shows tend to make everything look easy, especially home flipping or updating. So how do you decide if a fixer

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The What and Why of Home Warranties

If you’ve only ever rented before, the necessity of a home warranty may be unknown to you. As a renter, you are used to a landlord who will fix any issues you run into - but that all changes

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How to care for holiday houseplants

The holidays can be a time of stress, but your houseplants shouldn’t contribute to that. For the holiday season, your poinsettia, holiday cacti, and amaryllis only need sunlight, moisture, and

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